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Emirates Plaza Hotel

March 7, 2019

Located right next to the Corniche and located in the residential area and a few offices, this hotel is the comfort of a great hotel and its rooms are very spacious and well furnished that I felt I could be there forever.

I want however, I recommend you to ask Cecil at the reception, which for me was the most helphul that she left her duty to be of help. A real angel in disguise and certainly worth recommending. Talk to her and you’ll see.

Just remember that there are cheap discotheques on the lower levels and that you will have to use the same lifts to go to your rooms without a special key access so that you could be followed!

Although they accept cc they insist on paying cash for IRD or room service, even if asked to add to the bill, which is called from your room to the receptionist, very embarrassing.

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