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What to do in Bariloche

February 5, 2019

Being a city that receives tourism in both winter and summer, Bariloche has two faces , one whose main attractions are ski slopes and snow activities, and also those attractions ideal for doing outdoors on a summer afternoon.

In this case I’m going to show you what to do according to the time of year since I was lucky enough to visit Bariloche in January with 25 degrees heat and in July with full snow.


  1. 1 What to do in Winter
  2. 2 What to do in Summer

What to do in Winter

Skiing at Cerro Catedral, Bariloche (in Winter). The main attraction of Bariloche in winter (from July to September) is the snow , that’s why it’s the city where the students who finish their studies the last year of classes will celebrate.

There are many activities to do in winter, but the most popular are:

  • Cerro Catedral : the most popular ski slope, with shopping at the base and slopes for all levels, from beginner to advanced.
  • Cerro Otto : we already talked about it when I showed them the best places to eat in Bariloche, it is a hill with a tourist complex at its top , including a revolving restaurant and a track to ride on “culopatín” and sleds.
  • Excursions : the best excursions are to the way of the seven lakes and to Villa la Angostura , but of these and the rest of available excursions (Cerro Tronador, San Martín de los Andes, etc) we will talk later.
  • Fabrica de chocolate : going to the Havanna chocolate factory is a classic where you can also have a typical Bariloche hot chocolate.
  • Ice skating : the rink underneath the civic center is the busiest , I also talked about it in previous articles, is called Neviska and has an incredible view, the price per adult for ice skating is US$8.30, you can have lunch or dinner and is one of the cheapest options even though its menu is very limited (pizza, hamburgers and not much more).
  • Civic center and walking tour : the classic photo of Bariloche is the one taken in the civic center, where you will find more than one Saint Bernard dog with its classic brandy barrel, false by the way, to take a photo for a modest price. You can also cross the arch of the civic center that will put you in the commercial street of Bariloche, is the main artery of the city where are restaurants, shops, cafes, chocolate shops and gifts.

What to do in Summer

Rafting in San Carlos de Bariloche, a summer afternoon.In summer (December to March) the activities are a bit different but some of the winter activities can be done in summer too , on the best summer days the temperature can reach 30ºc , the things to do that I personally recommend are:

  • “Beach” day : the Nahuel Huapi river is a great way to spend a summer afternoon, on the pebble beach on the shore of the lake , clear water and a unique landscape.
  • Cerro Otto : again, but in summer things change a bit, the revolving restaurant is still there but all the snow activities are replaced with trekking, a slide with an inflatable rubber, etc.
  • Activities in the water : Rafting, Kayaking, Stand Up Rafting (variant of rafting, instead of going in an inflatable boat, you go – so that it is understood – in a super surfboard stopped with 3 or 4 more people).
  • Rent a bicycle : I didn’t do this in Bariloche, but I did in Pucón (Chile) the day before leaving for Bariloche, and it’s a great experience wherever you do it, you know everything from another perspective, you breathe fresh air and travel more than walking.
  • Civic center and center : as in winter, the civic center is recommended at any time of year. On summer nights there are many good quality street plays worth seeing, free (with the cap) and entertaining (most of them). Then you can walk through the center.
  • Ice skating : another activity that can be done at any time of the year.
  • Excursions : they are the same as in winter, but the landscape changes considerably and it is worth doing them (even if you have already done them in winter).

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