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6 ideas for an unforgettable weekend in Malta

February 2, 2019

But the rich history is only one of the reasons to visit this beautiful place. Malta’s location in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea makes it a perfect place for a romantic weekend getaway. The incredible tourist resorts, casinos, beaches and incredibly warm blue water plus the carefree spirit that reigns here give tourists a lot of reasons to spend a weekend in Malta.

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  1. 1 Valletta
  2. 2 A walk through Mdina, Gozo and Rabat
  3. 3 Holidays in the vineyards
  4. 4 Boat trip through the Blue Grotto and surrounding villages
  5. 5 Water sports
  6. 6 Nightlife



The small town of Valletta, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site , is the capital of Malta. With an impressive concentration of historic buildings and museums, the city attracts tourists who want to learn about Malta’s past. The well-preserved medieval castles through the years, gardens, coasts, beaches and nightlife provide tourists many opportunities to enjoy a perfect holiday.

A walk through Mdina, Gozo and Rabat


Mdina is a walled medieval city that has retained its original form from its construction to the present day. Here you can stroll through the narrow stone streets and soak up local history. Located in the highest part of Malta, Mdina offers some of the most impressive panoramic views of the entire Mediterranean .

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Rabat is located near Mdina and has ancient catacombs and well-preserved ruins of the Roman Empire. These cities really bring knowledge of Malta’s impressive past.


Gozo is a small island virtually untouched by modern civilization and known for its beautiful natural landscape and ancient ruins. Much of the land here is still used for agriculture and in rural areas that do not develop tourism, you can see traditional dwellings typical of past centuries. Gozo is a good opportunity to explore traditional Maltese life and get away from the crowded resorts and tourist attractions on the main island.

Holidays in the vineyards

Although Malta cannot compete with other wine-producing areas such as Tuscany, the country has several wineries that produce wines of the highest quality. Wine lovers have the opportunity to tour, see and taste the area’s most famous wines.

While many tourists prefer to spend their time in coastal cities or in the historic centre, a countryside tour might also be a good opportunity to get away from common tourist routes .

Boat trip through the Blue Grotto and surrounding villages


Naturally, since Malta is an island, you’ll find plenty of sailing opportunities here. You can rent a boat and travel along the coast or take a short walk to the nearest destinations such as the Blue Grotto, a sea cave famous for its crystal clear waters.


Water sports

With its warm, clean waters, Malta’s coastline is a great place to dive.

The rocks and varied marine fauna and flora attract divers from all over the world.

Special diving trips and courses for beginners are organized .

In Malta you can also practice wind and kite surf, or simply swim and relax on the beach.



Malta is a very popular destination, especially for Europeans who come here because of the interesting nightlife . During the tourist season the bars are full of people and Malta’s clubs play many celebrities from show business. Casinos are another attraction in the area, as are theatre, classical music and festivals.

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