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How to get around in Miami

January 30, 2019

In Miami there are many forms of transportation, some cheaper than others, so I’m going to order this guide according to the price of each one so that everyone can see it according to their budget.


  1. 1 Bus and subway
  2. 2 Uber or Lyft
  3. 3 Taxi
  4. 4 Rent a car
  5. 5 Free transport

Bus and subway

Using the bus is one of the best ways to get around in Miami, on hot days there’s nothing more comforting than getting on an air-conditioned bus to go wherever you want. The subway is also similar, it’s just a matter of seeing which one suits you according to your destination.

The prices vary according to the destination, if you are in south beach and your destination is in south beach, then it will cost you only US$0.25 cents, now if your destination is crossing the bridge – in downtown for example – it can already cost you US$2.50.

Beware : before getting on the bus it is important to make sure that they have the right change, they accept coins and bills, but do not give change.

The best recommendation I can make in this case is install and use Google Maps on your phone , any questions you have about how to get to… this Google application will tell you which bus line to take, where to get off, where to walk, etc…

Uber or Lyft

If you don’t like to travel by bus or if there are more than 3 people perhaps the best option is Uber (or its competition in the U.S. called Lyft), the competition of taxis that is causing a stir all over the world for its ease of use, security and price, its use is very simple:

  1. You install the application on your phone (it’s for iOS and Android)
  2. You put your personal data and your credit card (this is done only the first time you open the app)
  3. Order a Uber

Those are all the steps, now well, as I commented in one of the previous articles of this guide where I recommend ways to go from miami airport to the city, there are several types of Uber depending on the needs , if they travel alone there is the so-called “Uber Pool” where they share the car and pay fractioned, but if they are 3 or more people I recommend Uber X which is the equivalent to a conventional taxi but cheaper.

The good thing about Uber is that they will know what the trip will cost them before they order the car, so they can evaluate whether or not it is convenient for them at that very moment.

To use this option is necessary to have Internet, so I recommend to buy a sim card for your phone, I bought one from the company Lycamobile that costs 20 dollars all month and has unlimited data plan, soon I will make an article with this and other recommendations to travel to the United States.


I do not recommend it, more expensive than Uber and the service is worse, and more insecure because you do not know who is carrying you.

Using a taxi is only valid if you do not have Internet (or telephone) and your destination is in an area where no bus passes, in my opinion it is a form of transport of the last century.

Rent a car

There are all prices, if you search you can find from 25 dollars per day , of course without insurance or anything, just the car, and is an option that I do not recommend, in case of accident or a simple rayon can ruin the trip.

An economic car with insurance included does not go below US$60 per day , to that must be added the fuel that is currently at US$2.77 per gallon (almost 4 liters), is cheaper than in Argentina.

If you choose this option don’t miss my article with tips for driving in the U.S. with differences in traffic rules and so on.

Free transport

CasualTourism.comOne of the forms of free transportation in Miami, photo taken by TurismoCasual.comThe strawberry of the dessert, that’s why it goes to the last although it should go first, there is a free option that works if you are going to move within South Beach or Hollywood and there is no trick, it is real and totally free with no girls letters.

I have used it and I can attest that it is an excellent form of transportation: free, fast, electric (does not pollute), with music and very friendly drivers, also know people because it is shared and anyone who goes to the same place that you can climb.

They are a kind of golf cart but for 6 people , these “carts” get their profit from advertising and tips (which are optional), the system is simple and fast, you do not need to speak English, I explain step by step :

  1. There are two ways to get it, you can send an SMS to the number (305) 306 – 3308 where only you have to write your location and one of these carts will pick you up , or, see one on the street and stop it, if they are shared so you probably will not go alone.
  2. Once you have requested one by SMS or stopped it on the street you simply climb up and tell it where you are going, when it is shared it may first go somewhere else to look for other passengers or maybe not, it depends on the route.
  3. When you arrive you can just get off, but whenever you can give him a tip, the drivers salary is based on tips as well.

This content is blockedTo see how to transport you for free in Miami just ask you to share this article on a social network (Facebook or Twitter), so you can help me continue growing and unlock automatically. Thank you very much!

I think that’s it, I highly recommend using these free trolleys, they are very practical and avoid spending money on other forms of transport.

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