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A tour of San Felipe (Chile)

January 30, 2019

In my journey through San Felipe I could appreciate the advantages of a city that functions as a transient for travelers going from Argentina to Viña del Mar .

It is a city with little to offer but still its incredible landscapes and attractions work very well as a distraction for passing tourists .

San Felipe is located very close to the city of Los Andes , which in turn, is very close to the Andes mountain range, is a city with commercial and rural movement because it is in an agricultural area, if you go from Argentina by car I recommend you read our guide with tips for crossing the mountain range by car.


  1. 1 Tourist Attractions
  2. 1.1 Jahuel Hot Springs
  3. 1.2 Museums
  4. 2 Gastronomy
  5. 3 Nearby cities

Tourist Attractions

The main attraction in San Felipe is the plaza de armas , located in the center of the city and is the meeting point of the locals , plus a shopping area where you will find everything you need: from restaurants to appliance stores.

There are also supermarket chains and shopping malls Falabella , Lottus and Paris , where you can spend a good time looking at clothes, products that are not available in Argentina or simply walking in the thousands of square meters of extension.

In Chile you don’t say “Shopping”, you say ” Mall ” (pronounced ” moll “).

The city has a very marked style, in fact all cities in Chile share the same style , with adobe houses and strong colors such as yellow, red and green.

Jahuel Hot Springs

Less than 20 kilometers away is a thermal complex located about 1200 meters above sea level, with an incredible view of the foothills.


There is a museum called “Museo Histórico de Aconcagua” with a sample of historical objects from San Felipe.


If there’s one thing Chile stands out for, it’s its wide variety of autochthonous dishes in almost every gastronomic category.

In San Felipe you can find almost all the typical dishes of Chile, perhaps to eat their seafood the best thing is to travel a few miles and have lunch in Viña del Mar where there is exit to the sea and their seafood are fresher and cheaper.

Don’t miss our note-gallery with the 5 typical Chilean dishes to know what to eat in San Felipe .

In the streets you can find street stalls with mote with bone and as a personal recommendation I recommend you go to the restaurant that is in front of the main square where they sell a delicious pizzas with pork and beef, unfortunately I do not remember the name but is the only restaurant there.

Nearby cities

One of the advantages of San Felipe is its proximity to two of the most important cities in Chile , one of them is Santiago de Chile (the capital) at 95km. and the other is Viña del Mar at 112km.

One of the pleasures of traveling in Chile is the view, in all the routes there is an incredible landscape for any of the sides that you look at.

Flickr / enjoythesilencebybayo

The only contra are the excessively high toll prices on the way to Viña del Mar, perhaps you will spend no less than 15 dollars on the outward journey alone.

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