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To which places in Argentina to travel in summer: 5 destinations

January 29, 2019

Summer is lived very differently in the different corners of Argentina, temperatures vary widely and being such a big country we have many options to choose from.

First of all it is necessary to have in clear if we like or not the heat since there are places where the temperature reaches 40 degrees and it is really difficult to coexist in that temperature if we are not accustomed.

Let’s put together a list in order of importance and recommendation, from least to most.

5. Bariloche

One never thinks of Bariloche as a summer destination as it is associated with snow, winter vacations and graduate trips but the reality is that it works very well as a destination to escape from so much heat.

The average temperature in summer is about 15 º C and maximum 22 º C, ideal for those who do not like much heat, also has small beaches where you can get in case of heat.

An incredible landscape surrounded by mountains, Lake Nahuel Huapi and neighboring tourist towns as well as Villa La Angostura and San Martin de los Andes less than 3 hours by car, even one can cross to Chile in a couple of hours and visit another country.

4. The grottoes

It is a very quiet town in the province of Rio Negro, lately has become very popular as it is ideal for rest and is not as touristy as other cities.

Las Grutas has spas with warm water beaches (the warmest in the country according to tourists) and its average temperature in summer is 30ºc reaching maximums of 41ºc.

3. St. Bernard

Another small seaside town but with very cool , has very long beaches, a center for walking with good restaurants and grills and nightlife with many bowling alleys, ideal for young people, also the prices are significantly cheaper than other destinations because it is not so touristy.

2. Mar del plata

The coastal city par excellence, everyone wants to go to Mar del Plata in summer because there are miles and miles of beaches and for all tastes: popular, exclusive and private: with swimming pool, tents and so on.

If you like to walk you have the pedestrian San Martin, the Paseo Guemes and at night for young people: Alem, besides constitution where you can find all the discos and discos.

Infinity of restaurants and plays to enjoy, in addition the provincial government organizes free recitals outdoors where they play very important artists at international level, for example in 2012 sang Ricardo Montaner, El cuarteto de nos, Brazilian Girls, Gondwana, etc..

If you want to know more about Mar del Plata I recommend this travel guide.

1. Villa Carlos Paz

In the province of Córdoba you will find “La Villa” as the locals call it, an incredible city where you will find absolutely everything you need: heat, a river to bathe and spend the whole afternoon drinking mate, nightlife (in summer it is the best in the country), fernet, plays (the best in the country) and tourist attractions.

Villa Carlos Paz is my favorite destination to visit in summer and winter because it has everything and the Cordobes with their accent and warm attention give it a special touch.

What other destination do you think can enter this list?

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