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What to Visit in Philadelphia (United States)

January 27, 2019

During your visit to Philadelphia you will not have the opportunity for boredom, as there are countless things you can do in the city, it is surrounded by art and in any corner you will see how beautiful it is. Also, honoring its nickname, its inhabitants will treat you with the best, so it will not be difficult to get attached to them and feel at home.

Philadelphia also has the peculiarity of being only an hour from New York, so if you have a place you can escape and visit it too. So, get ready to have a good time and enjoy your stay in this spectacular city.


  1. 1 Best Places to Visit in Philadelphia
  2. 2 Philadelphia Museums
  3. 3 Squares and Parks of Philadelphia
  4. 4 Philadelphia Monuments
  5. 5 Other places to visit in Philadelphia

Best Places to Visit in Philadelphia

Vista del centro de Filadelfia

Philadelphia is a great city, indeed, it is the largest in size in the State of Pennsylvania , to which it belongs. In addition, it stands out for having more history and importance, among the other cities that belong to United States of America and also, it is part of its cultural and artistic center. Being one of the oldest cities in the country has many tourist places to visit during your visit, so you will have a good time and enjoy it.

Now let’s see what places you can visit in Philadelphia on your vacation.

  • Museums .

    Philadelphia has a high range of museums that you can visit. In these art, history and culture reigns and tells everything that preceded the city to achieve what it represents today for the country and for the entire world, getting to be recognized by the entire planet, you really will not regret visiting them and soaking up everything that characterizes it.

  • Squares and Parks.

    In Philadelphia the fraternity reigns, so in the squares that it has you will be able to experience it to plenitude, sharing with the people who are there, in addition, you are part of the history of the city and without a doubt you will have a great time and enjoy the atmosphere that reigns there.

    Philadelphia’s parks offer you the fun you need to escape the stress and boredom so enjoy all these wonderful places with your family and friends, you will not forget these spectacular moments that you will live there.

  • Monuments .

    These places are the perfect place to enjoy our vacations since they give us the opportunity to know the history of Philadelphia at the same time that we enjoy the wonderful landscapes that the city offers. Enjoy these spectacular places on your way to Philadelphia.

    In addition, you can visit other places that are important and where you will have a good time in the city.

Philadelphia Museums

Avenida y de fondo el City Hall de Filadelfia

Let’s get to know some of the museums you can visit in Philadelphia.

  • Museum of Art .

    It was created in 1876 and inaugurated in 1877, being one of the most important in the United States of America. In its facilities you will be able to observe approximately more than 225 thousand articles, making it one of the largest in the city. Another characteristic of this beautiful museum is that it has collections belonging to important artists such as Dalí and Cézanne . In addition, it has served as the setting for well-known films, such as Rocky .

  • Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

    It is considered one of the best museums where science is exhibited, is located at 33rd & Spruce sts. This one is characterized because in its facilities there are important and beautiful objects of the Egyptian culture in addition to some mummies.

  • Rodin Museum of Philadelphia.

    This museum honors Auguste Rodin, inside you will be able to enjoy his great collection of works of art. There, you will find works such as The Kiss and The Thinker , as well as other important ones. If you are an art lover, you will undoubtedly enjoy it.

  • Battleship New Jersey Memorial and Museum.

    You can’t miss this museum, as it has impressive objects that will captivate you, such as the warship that received the most decorations and participated in the Vietnam War and the World War II . It will be quite an adventure and you will have a wonderful time.

Squares and Parks of Philadelphia

Park of Philadelphia

The squares and parks of Philadelphia that you can visit are:

  • Franklin Square.

    In the beginning it was called Northeast Plaza, however, in 1825 it was renamed in honor of one of the most important characters for the United States of America. In the square you can get some graves of important people and remember the history of the American revolution and the German reform. You will enjoy a pleasant time outdoors learning about the history of Philadelphia and the United States of America.

  • Philadelphia Zoo.

    If you want to spend a pleasant time with your family, the city zoo is the perfect choice. Here you can enjoy a variety of more 1800 species of endangered or exotic animals, such as leopards, cheetahs, hippos, polar bears, among others. This wonderful zoo is open from February to November. It will be an unforgettable adventure for everyone.

  • Fairmont Park.

    This park is divided into 3 parts, there you can enjoy a wonderful environment where public art reigns.

    The landscape and everything that surrounds it will contribute to you forgetting everything bad and focusing on everything beautiful and positive that surrounds you.

  • Sesame Street.

    If you take kids with you, you have to go to this place. Inspired by the television program . There you will find the best diversions for all the members of the family. In addition, you will be able to spend time with the characters of the program and photograph yourself with them, another of its attractions is the house of Bert and Ernie, games and dances of which all will be able to participate and will be an unforgettable experience for all.

Philadelphia Monuments

Philadelphia Buildings

In Philadelphia there are a lot of important monuments that highlight its history and culture, some of them are:

  • Liberty Bell.

    It is one of the most important symbols of the city of Philadelphia. It represents a lot since it first sounded in 1776 on July 8 when it read the declaration of independence of the United States of America. And it is directly related to the War of Independence. Becoming a symbol of freedom.

  • Independence Hall.

    This monument is part of the history of Philadelphia and the United States of America and this is because there was discussed and the declaration of the country’s independence was decided . In addition, you can visit the other historical places that surround it. And there will be no problem with the language since the Tours are offered for free in 8 different languages.

  • House of Betsy Ross .

    This dates from 1740 and owes its importance to the fact that in this woman was the one who made the first flag of the United States of America, thus providing a unique and interesting tourist attraction.

    So you can learn more about the history of this wonderful country.

  • Masonic Temple.

    It is an interesting option if you want to know about culture and history, this was built in 1873 and is part of the Grand Lodge of the Free Masons of Pennsylvania . In addition, you will be able to know the bookstore and the museum that are there. It also has a magnificent structure, sculptures and Masonic frescoes made by William Rush . It will be wonderful everything you can learn and observe in this place.

Other places to visit in Philadelphia

Center Philadelphia

You can get to know other interesting places in the city. Let’s see what they are.

  • The First Residential Street in the United States.

    This is Elfreth’s Alley, located in the most historic part of the city, where beautiful buildings and gardens abound that you will enjoy.

  • The largest town hall in the country.

    It was built in 1871 and was expected to be the tallest in the world. However, this was surpassed by the Washington Monument and the Eiffel Tower.

    It’s an important part of history so it would be a good idea to get to know it when we visit Philadelphia.

  • The Reading Terminal Market.

    This market offers its services to the city of Philadelphia since 1892, forming part of the history of the city, in which you can do your shopping as well as take the time to know. There you will get the best sweets to delight your palate. So don’t miss it when you go to Philadelphia.

City View
Comcast in Philadelphia
The City and the River
Philadelphia Skyscrapers
Philadelphia City Landscape
Rio Delaware

It will be an adventure to get to know each of the places that make up the great city of Philadelphia , in addition to enjoying everything it has to offer: history, culture and fun. Do not forget to visit it and dedicate time of your vacations to its tourist places and you will see that you will have a great time.

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