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Tips for traveling to Venezuela

January 27, 2019

My friend Lucas has invited me to his blog to give some tips for traveling to Venezuela , not only because I am Venezuelan, but because I like to tell the truth about my country with little sensitivity. However, I don’t want to alarm anyone and I invite you all to open a debate around this and many more recommendations that may occur to us in the comment area.

Venezuela is one of the most beautiful countries that exists and the whole world knows it. The imposing of our natural resources makes any foreigner fall in love from the beaches to the tepuyes. It is a masterful work of art set in the middle of the planet , which benefits from the best climates and the geographical and cultural protection of the rest of the continent.

Its proud culture and idiosyncrasy leaves more than one perplexed when you visit. The language and expression of Venezuelans is very particular and colorful , so much so that the stranger who has become entangled in the curves of a woman has been too much. However, Venezuela is currently hit by one of the hardest social and political crises in its entire contemporary history.

José Pestana / Flickr

Your financial system has almost completely collapsed and your people are suffering because of this whole complex process, the onslaught of hunger, delinquency and neglect. An educational and social background hides behind many truths about the situation, but if we delve deeper into the subject, this post loses meaning, especially for Lucas’ readers.

What you should know, however, is that the production apparatus of the country has been stopped for the most part . Its currency compared to the rest of the world is negligible in value and only a few factors, including tourism, make many localities still stand.

Jacobo Reyes Galban / FlickrLos Roques, Venezuela

That’s why travelers can’t leave it in oblivion, because despite everything, it’s still a beautiful paradise worth admiring.

We know that there are many tourists in the community of adventurers who want to know part of the natural beauty of this country and many others have been totally fascinated by the places they have visited and the kindness that characterizes the Venezuelan. So there are plenty of reasons to give you the most basic advice that could be very helpful in different aspects.


  1. 1 You need a Venezuelan ally
  2. 1.1 Yes, on the transport we have to note that…
  3. 2 The route
  4. 3 Let’s talk about money
  5. 4 Select the wonder you want to visit
  6. 5 We must also talk about security
  7. 6 Posada Vs Hotel
  8. 7 You cannot leave my country without…

You need a Venezuelan ally

If you want to travel all over Venezuela or know any particular part of our country you have to do with some friend or tourist guide that makes you the most appropriate tour and shows you the true color of our nation. Many travelers make the mistake of coming alone and staying in the capital, a cosmopolitan city but nothing has really beautiful tints to explore.

This ally will also be in charge of buying air or land tickets within the country in case it is required or have a vehicle in which they can be transported to the different places on the list they are going to visit.

Yes, on the transport we have to note that…

The economic crisis has affected the issue of transportation, so taking a bus in Venezuela is not the easiest thing that could be in Santiago de Chile or Buenos Aires. Here the best thing is to take action by getting a vehicle or using private transport (taxis). Your friend also has the responsibility to guide you to places where you can walk with tranquility. That is to say, there are very dangerous places that you have to take care of.

The route

Venezuela is a country that has everything geographically speaking. It has spectacular beaches , imposing mountains, savannah, jungle, plain and even a good piece of the Andean mountain range if you want to get cold and know theme parks where it is shown La Venezuela de antier .

That’s why a little research on history, places of interest, food and attractions is not going to be bad for you to make a travel plan within Venezuela.

Let’s talk about money

Bills of 100 bolivars

The Venezuelan government uses an exchange control that practically doesn’t work . Both locals and foreigners use bolivars within the country based on an alternative or parallel exchange rate that works through social networks and phone apps. Remember the guide we recommended above? It’s the one that’s going to help you make your foreign currency really worth what it owes.

Select the wonder you want to visit

Emiliano Ricci / FlickrParque Nacional Canaima en Venezuela

In principle, it can be a little difficult to decide which part of the country you want to know first and it is not for less, however, you have to keep in mind that Venezuela is not only the Angel Falls or the Roques , because there is an endless number of tourist sites that you can visit and that in the same way you will be enchanted and eager to return. The Venezuelan coasts are very wide and you could visit from Margarita Island to Morrocoy National Park, of course, without leaving aside all the beaches of Puerto cabello, Tucacas and Chichiriviche .

Tadashi Okoshi / FlickrRoraima (Venezuela)

Venezuela has an astonishing and changing climate. If you want to feel like you are in the desert, the Médanos de Coro will enchant you from the very first moment, but if you want to stay in a cold climate, Colonia Tovar can be a great option, although most prefer to travel around Merida and see the longest cable car in the world, enjoying visiting the moors and enjoying the spectacular view.

I have to expand this topic a little more. Sooner than you think we will have available a guide of places that you should visit because if in Venezuela you should not miss.

About security we must also talk

We’ve already told you a little about the complex conflict in Venezuela. But the country is still not so uninhabitable as to ruin a traveler’s experience. In fact, many media have painted this place as a war zone, totally repudiable. Yes, it can happen, but not if you take the precautions we point out to you. What’s more, it occurs to me that we make a list of cares that you should have anywhere to avoid being robbed or worse happen to you.

  • If you’re used to taking right and left pictures with your $500 USD phone, you can’t do it here. Avoid taking the phone out in public, especially in city centers because you may run the risk of having it stolen. Apply also with cameras and any type of electronic device .
  • Try not to display high-value jewelry or watches. The same applies to clothing of recognized brands. I’m trying to tell you that you don’t feel foreign, at this point, this becomes uncomfortable , because crime can be anywhere.
  • Of course there are spaces where you can be quiet, for example, a restaurant or hotel / inn, however, verify that in the places you visit are concerned about security .
  • Have at hand the numbers of the security forces of the place where you are, as well as the addresses or contact of health services PRIVATE in which they can assist you in case of a contingency.
  • Don’t carry all your money with you. Try to have different backups. That is, leave a little money in the hotel, a little in your clothes, a little in your purse or wallet. So if you are robbed in some portion, not all is lost.
  • That a person who is not with you on the trip is as aware as possible of the places where you will be. In case they don’t find you , this information is vital to locate you.

In fact, this line of advice is compatible with other countries. However, here we emphasize that this has a very special character that you should always pay attention to.

Posada Vs Hotel

I have had experience in both places and I can assure you that in every opportunity, the inns have a plus that makes them very special . I prefer inns because:

  • They’re cheaper.
  • They are simpler and usually always remain on the road to the main attractions of the place I’m visiting.
  • The attention is more personalized and thanks to the kindness of the Venezuelan, always give you something.
  • A hotel complex may have design elements that represent Venezuelan culture, but nothing like a simple inn attended and decorated by its owners to make you feel loved, valued, respected and in a family atmosphere.

Once I ended up eating at 12 midnight on a balcony with the owners, because the electrical failures forced us to wait until that time to cook, however, the conversation, the weather, the starry sky and the sympathy of their stories, fed the night to make it undoubtedly a very special moment.

You can’t leave my country without…

  • Visit at least one coastal beach or Margarita. You leave Venezuela with an award if you manage to travel to Los Roques.
  • Eat an arepa, a glass of good chicha or without tasting a cachapa with fried cochino.
  • Go to Canaima National Park, you will know what imposing is.
  • Go to the ice cream parlor of a thousand flavors in case you visit the Andes (Mérida). Really unusual combinations in an ice cream cone that will make you enjoy a unique moment.

I can only welcome you, we are a beautiful country, full of virtues and varieties. Do not forget to share and comment, especially if you have lived some kind of experience in Venezuela.

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