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What to do in Miami

January 25, 2019

In Miami I was about a week, after about 9 intense days in New York, 3 days in Los Angeles, 4 days in Las Vegas (with a step into the big canyon in the middle), so I was tired and eager to relax, but still I was able to enjoy the city and do a few things.


  1. 1 Shopping
  2. 1.1 Sawgrass Mills
  3. 1.2 Marshalls
  4. 1.3 Ross
  5. 2 Go to the beach
  6. 3 Strolling South Beach
  7. 3.1 Ocean Drive
  8. 3.2 Lincoln Road
  9. 4 Go to the keys
  10. 5 Go to Disney and/or Universal


If there’s one thing Miami is known for is its malls (shoppings) of outlets, very cheap and big, and when I say big, it’s because they’re really big, some are even divided into “avenues”, it can take you all day to cover them from start to finish.

Sawgrass Mills

Sawgrass Mills Mall 2nd Avenue” The most popular mall visited by tourists is called Sawgrass Mills , it is the largest in America and has almost all the clothes brands of the moment .

There are several companies that offer a round-trip transfer service, pick you up at your hotel early in the morning and bring you back for the night.

I used a service called “Sawgrass Express”, it cost me US$25 dollars round trip , you can also go by car but it is only recommended when you go in a group of 3 or more people because otherwise it would be more expensive.


On the advice of the locals we went to Marshalls, they told me “Marshalls is better and cheaper than Sawgrass” , I must say that the prices were very similar, some products a little more expensive, others a little cheaper, but what is true is that you can go by local bus, those that cost US$2.50, is in Downtown and takes 15 minutes to arrive.

Don’t miss my article with tips for getting around Miami, where I tell you what are the best means of transportation and where I even show you a free means of transportation , yes, totally free.


If you’re going to Marshalls then you’re probably going to Ross because it’s a block away, it’s a very big clothing store where you can find very cheap prices, for example, I found several models of Levi’s original sneakers for $16.99.

Go to the beach

Miami BeachesNothing like going to the beach to relax, and what beaches! I was used to the beaches of Argentina, I got a big surprise when I touched the water and it was hot.

White sand, hot water and few people, although not everything is good, there are also sharks (although in theory they are controlled), I saw one to two meters mine, before we all ran out of the water.

However, Miami Beach is an excellent place to relax and spend a warm afternoon .

Some differences with the beaches of Argentina:

  • Hot water
  • White sand
  • Without private spaces, in Mar del Plata for example it is almost impossible to go to a beach and find public places. In Miami there are “chiringos” who rent you a deck chair and an umbrella, but anyone can be there since the beach is totally public.
  • There are sunscreen dispensers, I don’t know if it’s in all the beaches of Miami, in South Beach where I was there was
  • There is more marine fauna, I have even found live crabs in the sand walking among the people

Now yes, if you go to the beach you know what you’re going to find =)

Strolling South Beach

Without a doubt the heart of Miami is South Beach, a unique place full of life, there are many places worth walking, here are my personal recommendations:

Ocean Drive

The most famous street in Miami, where you can find the most famous bars such as Mango’s (where Floyd Mayweather went to dance while I was in the hostel next door, I told that anecdote here).

Neon lights, non-stop music (literally non-stop, sounds 24 hours), girls offering 2×1 promotions at drinks and live shows, that’s Ocean Drive.

Lincoln Road

Lincoln Rd is a street that becomes pedestrian and is full of people all day, there are restaurants, discotheques and many tourists, there are also shops of clothes, technology and so on, there is even an Apple Store, where by the way one can enter to enjoy the air conditioning and to use an iMac and check the mail if you do not have Internet in the phone.

Do you want to know more about this neighborhood? Don’t miss the guide to the best places to visit in South Beach with recommendations on bars, restaurants, places to party, go shopping and more.

Go to keys

Key West or “Key West”.

This activity requires all day and you have to go by car , or hire an excursion, but any of the ways you choose is worth it.

This is a journey between the islands (keys) joined by bridges, where we will cross the famous bridge “7 miles bridge” or “Bridge of 7 miles”.

The most famous key is Key West and is the point where Cuba is closer than the same city of Miami , although it is not possible to cross to Cuba yet.

There are 180 kilometers between Miami and Key West and the maximum speed is 70Km/h , so if you are stopping on each island it can take 3 to 4 hours to get to Key West, so it’s best to spend the night there and back the next day, or hire a tour so you don’t have to drive.

Go to Disney and/or Universal

It’s true, it’s not Miami, but it’s a great attraction if you’re in Miami, there are companies that take you and bring you in the day for a fairly good price, there are also packages to stay one or more nights in Orlando, also this topic we will discuss more in depth because I have some recommendations to make.

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