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Miami Prices

January 22, 2019

Of all the US destinations I was in on my last trip (Manhattan, Long Island, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami and Orlando) maybe Miami was the cheapest , although I must also say that prices have been quite even throughout the country.

If you’re on a “thrifty” plan, Miami suits you for several reasons, for example:

  • It’s not an excessively big city, you can move by the same place and even for free
  • You can spend all day on the beach (if you can stand the sun) without spending a dollar, there are even free sunscreen dispensers on some beaches
  • .

  • There are many places to walk and meet without spending money: Ocean Drive, Lincoln Road, Downtown, Little Havana, etc
  • If you go on a saver plan you have good hostels for less than 20 dollars with breakfast included

As with all sea destinations, you can buy your own food and go to the beach to eat, thus saving the need to go to a restaurant.


  1. 1 Price list
  2. 1.1 Food
  3. 1.2 Transport and mobility
  4. 1.3 Nightlife: bars, discos, etc
  5. 1.4 Accommodation, hotels and hostels
  6. 1.5 Excursions and activities

Price list

Let’s face it, these are some prices (updated to July 2016, you can leave the prices you see in the comments and I update them in this list) that I saw in person, I’m going to divide it by categories to better understand.

Important: the prices in the United States do not include the “taxes” , to all the prices that one sees in the street you must add the %7 whatever it is, the same with the prices that I am going to give you next, none includes the taxes (not even those of the photos).


Menu of Manolo with precious Well, we started with the most important thing (as not to waste time =D), I must say that of the more than 30 days that I was in the United States, not one I cooked myself, so I can only talk about food made, either in the famous kwikimark (those of apu) there are the “7-Eleven” (Seven eleven) and the famous fast food chains (McDonald, Subway, etc.), so let’s see:

  • Pizza : it deserves a separate paragraph, in the United States it is very common that they are sold per portion (slices) since they are much bigger than in South America (yes, the typical ones you see in the movies) although in the 7eleven they are the same size as here. You can find promotions of 2 slices + soda (a bottle of coca for example) to 5 dollars , that’s a normal price in a fast food restaurant, in 7-Eleven for 5 dollars you get a whole pizza =D (but the classic size we all know).
  • Mineral water : another paragraph apart, the prices of mineral water are very varied because there are many brands and flavors (flavored water, coconut water, water with vitamins, etc), what I did was buy the 3 liter can of water for US$3 dollars , a bottle of 1 liter can cost between 1 and 2 dollars each, these prices I found in 7-Eleven, in any business or kiosk in the street a bottle of water can cost up to 3 dollars.
  • Packaged salads : if you get tired of eating pizza, at 7-Eleven they sell some cold pasta salads with a ranch sauce for US$4 dollars , there is a good variety and all at the same price, I insist with 7-Eleven because it is the cheapest thing I found in the US.
  • Milanese Neapolitan with fries + unlimited drink : in the middle of the trip I had to go to Manolo, I am from Mar del Plata (here was born Manolo and there are 4 or 5 restaurants of this chain, I go often) so I had to go to try if they had the same flavor =D, the question is that in that dinner I spent $19 dollars with tip included, the drink comes in glass and with refill (you can ask what you want to take in the refill).
  • Hamburger complete with potatoes : eating a hamburger with potatoes on Ocean Drive (South Beach’s main street) cost me US$15 .
  • An American breakfast can be obtained for US$7 to US$15 depending on the place .

Thinking about you I took some pictures of menus of different restaurants where you can see the prices, so here you are:

And Manolo:

	As for the famous fast food chains:</p>
		Combo <strong>quarter pound with cheese</strong> at <em>McDonald</em> : <strong>US$8</strong> , it is called “Quarter Pounder” and the combo is called “Meal”, there are other combos for <strong>US$5</strong> , but all combos are always in that price range. The beverage in some mcdonalds comes with refill included, in others not, you have to ask before.</li>
		Combo <strong>Whopper</strong> at <em>Burger King</em> : depending on what you eat it with, it can be with chips or onion rings, extra sauces and so on, but it costs <strong>about US$8</strong> and the drink comes with refill.</li>
		Combo <strong>Sub of the day</strong> at <em>Subway</em> : <strong>US$6</strong> , it’s a different combo every day, you can’t choose, it comes with unlimited drink (and refill) and Lays fries. If you want a sub of 30cm (footlong is called there) it costs between <strong>US$7 and US$9 with drink</strong> .</li>
Transport and mobility</h3>
	I don’t want to dwell on this point as I talked about it in my other article in this guide called How to Move in Miami where I even show a little-known form of <strong>totally free transportation</strong> .</p>
	Doing a quick review:</p>
		 <strong>Bus</strong> : from US$0.25ctvs to US$2.50 depending on where you go</li>
		 <strong>Uber or Lyft</strong> : depending on where you go, a place nearby and using UberPool can get you from 7 to 15 dollars</li>
		 <strong>Taxi</strong> : I don’t recommend it, it’s the most expensive of all, I didn’t use it the whole trip</li>
		 <strong>Free transport</strong> : work on tips, all the details here.</li>
Nightlife: bars, discos, etc</h3>
	The nightlife in Miami is varied and for all tastes and budgets, some prices I have been able to find out:</p>
		 <strong>Mango’s in the middle of Ocean Drive</strong> : one of the most famous salsa clubs in the U.S., was next to one of the hostels where I was staying, while I was there the price to enter was only <strong>US$5 dollars</strong> , but of the nights I was sitting out there was Floyd Mayweather to dance, that night went up to US$50 dollars, and then the following nights cost US$20 dollars, all over the United States used to change the rates of anything based on demand.</li>
		 <strong>Bars on Ocean Drive</strong> : there is a lot of nightlife on South Beach’s main avenue, most of the bars work as nightclubs and are free, or better said, they don’t charge admission but you must consume something inside.</li>
		 <strong>Shuttle + disco</strong> : there is a special service that takes you to one of the most famous discotheques in Miami in a shuttle (a mini bus) that inside is a limousine with music and lights, it costs <strong>US$30 dollars</strong> including the entrance to the disco.</li>
Accommodation, hotels and hostels</h3>
	If you want to spend a little you can, there are a variety of very good hostels that I can recommend and cost less than $20 dollars, for example the hostel <strong>Ocean Blue</strong> (the price varies according to demand, usually costs <strong>$19 dollars</strong> , but a weekend in demand can cost up to $28 dollars) that comes with breakfast and Wifi included plus a welcome drink.</p>
	A normal hotel on a double base <strong>does not go below US$60 per night</strong> and a good hotel like Tides South Beach (I’m preparing a review of this hotel since I could stay four nights) can cost <strong>from US$100 to US$350 per night</strong> .</p>
Excursions and activities</h3>
<p> <img src= Pricelist for Orlando, Miami and Universal tours. TIP: bargaining you can get a discount, this section can be very extensive as there are many things to do but I will give you the prices of the most important tours and activities:

  • Bus Tour throughout Miami , Hop On / Hop Off service (you can go up and down as many times as you want during the time the ticket lasts) costs US$60 dollars but if you buy from this link you have 15 dollars off.
  • Shopping tour to the largest mall in America (Sawgrass Mills) costs between US$25 and USD135 dollars (plus outlets) , they take you to and from your hotel. BUY NOW.
  • Round trip package to Disney or Universal (any park of your choice) costs starting at US$200 per person, they also pick you up and drop you off at the hotel on the way back, in the photo on the right are the prices of packages with accommodation in Orlando for those who want to go to more than one park. BUY NOW.

    What does SIN DBL TRP QUA mean in the photo?

    – SIN: Single (buying the package only)

    – DBL: double (buying the package two people, sleep in the same hotel room)

    – TRP: triple

    – QUA: quadruple

  • Boat trip to famous people’s houses: USD32, but if you buy from this link you get USD28.
  • Bicycle rental : between US$6 and US$9 per hour .

I think that’s it, any doubt can be left in the comments, between all of us will be updating this list and do not forget to subscribe to the newsletter to receive this type of information in your email.

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