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What places to visit in Buenos Aires during the summer

January 14, 2019

Buenos Aires is a city that has hundreds of hidden places – and some not so much – to visit at any time of the year , but what happens in summer? most of its inhabitants go on vacations to colder places with beaches such as Mar del Plata, Pinamar, Villa Gesell, and so on.

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The summer heat is noticeable in Buenos Aires, both cement and asphalt together generate even more heat, but even so there are some places you can visit if you feel like visiting Buenos Aires between December and March .

But not all of them are disadvantages because there are fewer people and the quality of the transport increases, it is much simpler to go by car or use the subway during peak hours.

How to get around in Buenos Aires?

The public transport is paid with a card called “SUBE” (Single Electronic Ticket System), is a reloadable plastic card that serves for buses and subways, this card can be purchased at any branch of Correo Argentino or authorized points, here you can see them all. The cost -today- is $20 Argentine pesos (2 dollars), and it is necessary to bear in mind that if you don’t have it you can also pay with money when you go up to a means of public transport, but has a surcharge as a “penalty” .

First of all it is necessary to remember that the temperature can reach 40ºc , so don’t even think about going out without a sunscreen, comfortable clothes and a bottle of cold water.

The activities you can do in Buenos Aires are many, but we are going to start with those that help to fight the overwhelming heat of the summer.

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  1. 1 Ecological reserve
  2. 2 Buenos Aires Beach
  3. 3 Visit the MALBA
  4. 4 Guided tour of the Casa Rosada
  5. 5 Go to the shopping
  6. 6 Free concerts, theatre and cultural activities
  7. 7 Bus tour of the city
  8. 8 Rosedal

Ecological reserve

FlickrRivera del Río de la Plata at the Buenos Aires Ecological Reserve

Nothing better than spending a hot day surrounded by nature on the banks of the Río de la Plata, ideal for running or simply taking something to eat, with something cold to drink and a good book to read.

The entrance is free and in summer is open from 8 to 19hs every day, more information about location and buses you must take to get there.

Buenos Aires Beach

 />“Buenos Aires Beach”.</p>
	Promoted as “Latin America’s first urban beach” is <strong>a space that resembles a beach with sand, umbrellas, deck chairs, water games, soccer fields, beach volleyball and outdoor recitals</strong> .</p>
	All this with a free entrance, plus there is parking for cars and bicycles (lock!), and the schedule is from 10 to 20hs from Tuesday to Sunday (not holidays).</p>
3. Visit the MALBA</h2>
<p> <img src= FlickrEntry to the MALBA Museum

One of the most important museums, with air conditioning and a great sample of art that can entertain you several hours, is also in a good neighborhood near everything and prices are really affordable.

I recommend going on Wednesdays where the entrance is half price, an important fact is that children 5 years old or younger are free, so it’s a good plan to go with the family.

4. Guided tour of the Casa Rosada

The Pink House seen from the front, you can also see the Cathedral across the street.

During the weekends the grenadiers take a free guided tour of the Casa Rosada (government house) through each room where meetings are held with presidents from other countries and where the president of the nation works.

This tour I have done twice in different opportunities -always in summer- and the truth is that it is worth it , not only because it is a construction with a very high architectural value, but also because of the history behind it and what one sees inside.

Don’t forget to bring comfortable clothes because you will walk a lot , also a bottle of water and a camera.

It is also worth mentioning that in front of the Casa Rosada is the cathedral , where the remains of José de San Martín, the liberator of Argentina, Peru, etc., are located, and the entrance is also free of charge.

5. Go to the shopping

FlickrShopping “Supply” from the inside

What better way to withstand the heat than to go to those air-conditioned mega-shoppings? There’s everything to do: walking, watching windows, watching a movie at the movies, eating, drinking coffee, buying clothes, taking your kids to video games and much more.

The shopping that I recommend you to visit: DOT Baires, Abasto, Alto Palermo, Patio Bullrich and Unicenter .

It’s also a good plan in case you get a rainy day, in which case I recommend that you read my article with 6 ideas for rainy days on vacation.

If you’re about to go to Buenos Aires don’t miss our section on Hotel Reviews in Buenos Aires, there’s something for everyone: cheap and not so many.

6. Recitals, theatre and free cultural activities

It is very common for the government to offer free outdoor recitals and cultural activities in different parts of the city , you can also go to the theater and tour the Corrientes street, one of the most famous in the city, for a summer night there is no better plan.

I recommend you to see the cultural agenda of the city government on its official website where they announce free recitals and all possible activities.

7. Bus tour of the city

FlickrBus on a tour of Buenos Aires

I already told my experience with the bus tour through the city of Mendoza, is a very positive experience where you can tour the tourist sites of the city in a bus specially prepared to take tourists, are generally special because they have no roof and is ideal for walking in summer.

FlickrTour Bus seen from the front

The starting points are in florida street, microcentro of Buenos Aires and the prices are quite economic, more for those who show an Argentine DNI.

Here you can see my review of the tourist bus of Buenos Aires.

8. Rosedal

FlickrThe Rosedal a day of sunshine

A place to spend an afternoon of sunshine under a tree with something cold to drink, you can also put on the rollers or go out to run and do a little exercise, is ideal for those who like the outdoors.

It is located in Palermo, a central neighborhood and is close to everything.

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