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How to visit Rosario in one day and not miss a thing

January 11, 2019

A few days ago I returned from Rosario, for the second time so far this year and unlike last time, this time I stayed two days in an apartment that I rented by Airbnb.

This time it was an unexpected trip that arose from a bad experience in Tigre (I’ll tell you about it in the next post), but as always from something bad you can get something good.

In short, my experience ended up at the Cairo bar watching a live show of Perros De La Calle, my favorite radio show

So as a result of that experience I want to show you the places you should visit if or if in Rosario not to miss anything if you go for a short time .


  1. 1 Tourist places to go for a walk
  2. 1.1 The waterfront
  3. 1.2 Pedestrian
  4. 1.3 High Rosary
  5. 2 Historic places to visit
  6. 2.1 The monument to the flag
  7. 2.2 Bar Cairo
  8. 3 Rosario Public Transportation
  9. 4 Conclusion

Sightseeing places to go for a walk

Rosario has lots of places to walk and walk, you can spend the whole day walking if you want.

The waterfront

@LucasMzDía sunny on the Rosario waterfront, on the right is the river Paraná

Day and night, sunny or cloudy, the Rosario waterfront is one of the best tourist places to visit .

To get there you only have to go to the river, my personal recommendation is to go from where it starts to the monument to the flag.

The pedestrian


On Cordoba Street and from Corrientes to the Monument to the Flag is the pedestrian.

The apartment I rented from Airbnb was very close so I could go down and walk a couple of blocks to get into the pedestrian area.

Some tips:

  • It is not very long so walk the pedestrian relaxed
  • As a curious fact, in this pedestrian is the first traffic light for people who walk looking at the phone … a strip of LED on the ground synchronized with the traffic light of the street, this good, I forgot to take a picture je
  • There are some places with good offers to eat of the type “Main course + drink + dessert + coffee”, EYE, I fell in one of NEWSPORT and it was a disaster, do not let go
  • In Cordoba and Corrientes there is a point of attention for tourists with information, maps and so on

High Rosary

Alto Rosario shopping is more than a shopping, if you go you can literally spend the whole day there because it has: cinemas, food court, lots of shops, a supermarket Coto, Starbucks, Rock&Feller’s, etc …

I went by public transport, a very nice girl gave me a collective card (they are supposed to use SUBE but in practice there are very few collectives that accept this card), later on I will tell you how this topic is.

Historic places to visit

Rosario is the cradle of the flag and was where the Argentine flag was hoisted for the first time, so the place par excellence to visit in Rosario is:

The monument to the flag


Open your wallet now and get a $10 bill. See the illustration?

The Monument to the Flag is one of the best we have in Argentina, it was where the Argentine flag was hoisted for the first time and where the remains of General Manuel Belgrano would be immortalized (although it did not finally happen).


The remains of the unknown soldier are also found in an urn with a flame burning 24 hours a day.


I had to go in full maintenance of the monument (the first photo is from March and the second from last week).

Inside the monument there is a gallery with a statue of Belgrano and there is also the staircase to climb to the highest part (it was closed), that’s where I took this photo:


Everything is free except to go up to the highest part which has a fixed rate.

Bar Cairo

Road Dogs Programme from “Cairo” bar

Not everything is the history of the flag, there is also popular history and that is where the black Fontanarrosa appears.

The Cairo bar is where Fontanarrosa went every day to have coffee next to the table of “los galanes”, in this bar there is a statue of the black one and nothing else when entering one realizes that it is the most important cafeteria of Rosario and perhaps of the country together with the Café Tortoni of Buenos Aires.

I recommend going for a coffee or breakfast at the bar, the prices are affordable (a classic breakfast costs $75).

Rosario Public Transportation

There are two ways to use collectives in Rosario:

  • With MOVI card (hard to buy)
  • With cash and exact change

The fare is $9.70 today and is not differentiated by distance, so that’s always the fare wherever you go.

If you have a phone with Android and Internet you can download the official app of the municipality called “How do I get there?” which from a starting point and destination tells you which is the best line and from where to take it.

As I told you above, I went from downtown to the Alto Rosario shopping center on the red 110 line with a MOVI card that a girl gave me when I asked her where I could buy one, but if they can’t go up and pay with exact change (or lose those $0.30 cents by giving her a $10 bill).


With all this they already visited the most important thing that they can visit in a day, if they have more days they can continue traveling to other places and even go to Victoria (Entre Ríos).

Those who follow me by Instagram could see my Stories live from Rosario. Still don’t follow me?

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