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An economic weekend in Barcelona

January 8, 2019

In Spain, culture is present in everything that surrounds you. If you are visiting Spain for the first time, it is best to start in Barcelona. Of course the capital of Madrid should not be underestimated in beauty, but the restaurants of the big city of Barcelona are really incredible in terms of their varied gastronomy . Food and art lovers will love this beautiful city and want to live here for the rest of their lives.

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  1. 1 Where to spend the night?
  2. 2 Take a walk around the city
  3. 3 Where to eat

Where to spend the night?

Gran Hotel La Florida in Barcelona

Fortunately, in Spain there are more hotels and cheaper than in other European countries . Instead of spending all your savings, you can find a much cheaper accommodation to spend the night that will offer you comforts and luxuries to make you feel at home. In addition, most hotels in Barcelona are known for their good service and attentive staff. Today, unlike in the past, you have the opportunity to choose between a number of hotels, some more modern and others with a rustic style that will offer you different activities.

Don’t miss our guide to learn how to book your hotel online.

You can also opt for Couchsurfing or use the power of Airbnb to get cheap accommodation.

Take a walk around the city

Flickr / Moyan Brenn

To move around Barcelona you can rent a car, but if you are not an expert in driving or prefer to explore the area on foot, this is a very safe city to take a walk .

Barcelona is a large area, which means that it has a high population and of course an increased crime rate, but this fact does not have to worry you since the streets are full of police officers who are responsible for maintaining public safety. Still, it is advisable to carry less cash and not leave bags and accessories unsupervised.

You can also buy a metro card, which allows you to travel without restrictions throughout the weekend.

The Barcelona Metro is very well developed and can take you anywhere in the city . So you can visit all the tourist attractions in the city without having to worry about travel expenses. If you like to ride a bicycle you can rent one, which will also be a very pleasant experience to tour and see the city. If you want a really exciting experience and you are more daring rent a bike.

The weather here is good almost all year round, so a bike ride is a wonderful experience. The bikes have built-in GPS which is easy to use and will help you not to get lost.

Where to eat

Flickr / Adam WylesRestaurant and tapas bar in Barcelona

If you visit the city of Barcelona without a doubt you should try the seafood . This is definitely the perfect place for you if you are a lover of this food as it has a wide variety of seafood products and also the products used in restaurants are always of good quality and fresh.

In Barcelona you will be able to taste oysters, delicious mussels and huge shrimps at very good prices. A lunch for two in this beautiful city does not cost more than 25 euros .

Food lovers who are more adventurous spirit should go to Cal Pep , this is one of the favorite places for tourists and is not expensive at all.

This restaurant doesn’t have a menu, but that shouldn’t scare you. The staff will help you familiarize yourself with the specialties of the day and you will be able to choose from numerous dishes. It’s not a good idea to come with children or people who are very demanding about food, because you never know what’s left in the restaurant. In addition, there are limited places and you may have to wait for a table.

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