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Travel to San Andres Island

January 5, 2019

San Andres is a destination chosen by thousands of people from all over the planet has irresistible natural attractions. It is an island over which Colombia has sovereignty. It is located in the archipelago of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina, is the largest of the same, crosses a mountain whose highest point is the hill La Loma 82 masl.

Its diversity of marine fauna, the geographical accidents, bays, keys, tips, the natural pool, the viewpoint at the top of the hill and even a blowing hole make it an interesting destination and with all justice we will say that its beaches allow incomparable experiences, they are paradises of indescribable beauty, to dive, snorkel or swim with a mask among exotic fish, observing the corals.

The settlers are located in North End the center and main urban nucleus, inhabited by the upper and middle classes, La Loma and San Luis are populations where the majority are Raizales (native Indians of the region). They speak Spanish and Creole english (English Creole Sanadresano).

Its inhabitants descendants of corsairs, English, Dutch, Spanish and native peoples (raizales) giving origin to a peculiar culture. They are very happy and the native dance is the reage, they show it and they invite to dance.

Many daytime and evening activities take place in this splendid destination surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. In addition to being a free port, commercial tourism is favored.

The tourist packages to San Andres offered by the companies dedicated to the world-wide tourist sector are an excellent choice at the time of traveling, very complete, they allow the travelers to decide according to their budgets and tastes between multiple options of flights, hotel, transfer, excursions and services. Taking advantage of offers, bonuses and discounts.

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