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The 10 must-see places for your first time in Medellín

January 3, 2019

If you are planning a trip to Medellín don’t miss these recommendations for first timers:


  1. 1 Gastronomy
  2. 2 Parks and squares
  3. 3 Museums
  4. 4 Nearby villages
  5. 5 Festivities and fairs
  6. 6 Coffee
  7. 7 Nightlife
  8. 8 Purchases
  9. 9 Moravia
  10. 10 Guatapé Lagoon

1. Gastronomy

Our first must-see is its gastronomy in the commercial district are the most famous restaurants taste the tray paisa a dish of rice with beans and meat also the tie that is a kind of tamal humillo is wrapped in banana leaf accompanied with arepa salada

2. Parks and squares

Then we go to our second must-see, its parks and squares.

Medellín is full of squares, parks and green areas, the most famous is Plaza Botero and the park explores an interactive center for the whole family.

3. Museums

In the third position we have its museums, the capital of antioquia is a multicultural city where art mixes history and everyday life of various regions, knows the museum of antioquia the house museum pedro nel gómez among many others.

4. Nearby villages

From here we go up to the fourth position: its towns, heritage where history, art, culture and the beauty of its surroundings are mixed, Jericho Santafé de Antioquia and garden are towns that you should know.

Another recommended attraction is 165 kilometers from Medellín and is the Hacienda Nápoles , known worldwide as the hacienda of Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria .

About 1,600 hectares to travel with family, friends or partner. The visit can also be made with your own vehicle and is fully enjoyed in two days…

A proposal that values ecology, fun, as well as knowledge, from a set of attractions where they highlight the Fauna Sanctuary, with its friendly ostriches, zebras, suricatos, the lake of hippos, crocodiles, rhinos, the island of the micos, the Sanctuary of Felines and Elephants, Butterfly, the World of Birds and Reptiles, Ecological Walk and Jurassic Adventure Park …

As for the aquatic entertainments, the following stand out: “Octopus”, “Wild River”, “Cobras”, “Aquasaurus”, and “Victoria Falls”.

Tour Hacienda Napoleses an invitation to celebrate life and nature from a unique, modern and captivating environment.


5. Festivities and fairs

Medellín offers events of gastronomic and very traditional cultural innovation such as the flowers fair that have been declared intangible heritage of the nation.

6. Coffee

We continue with the sixth position the coffee axis that offers a pleasant experience of coffee in emblematic haciendas and boutiques in the coffee cultural landscape deserving of the classification of patrimony of the humanity by the Unesco.

7. Nightlife

In seventh place on our list is its nightlife that concentrates the bars, clubs and discos of the park lleras whether you choose a bohemian bar, an antro to dance rumba to a disco where the party ends until dawn.

8. Shopping

The eighth must-see is shopping. The city of Antioquia is the fashion capital of the world, so shopping malls and classrooms abound that offer branded garments and designer items at very low cost.

9. Moravia

In the ninth position is Moravia, a space dedicated to art and culture, the Moravia Morro is upholstered with exotic flowers that its women market and export to various countries, admires the murals and knows their art projects.

10. Guatapé Lagoon

Finally in the tenth position is the guatapé lagoon located one hour from Medellín in the east. In the center is a peña that can be reached by climbing 750 steps to admire the breathtaking view of the town.

Now they are ready to make their big plan.

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