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Which places to visit in Mendoza

December 12, 2018

Mendoza is a unique destination, a cosmopolitan city that has everything for tourists and very competitive prices.

To give you an idea, Mendoza offers you:

  • Mountain for skiing in winter
  • Vineyards for those who like to taste wines
  • Real hot springs thanks to nearby volcanoes
  • Nightlife, an entire street full of pubs, nightclubs, and more for going out and having fun
  • Chile, less than 300km away is the neighboring country with a spectacular drive through the Andes

It also has great appeal for family holidays with sightseeing tours of the city’s most important points of interest, but let’s get to what we’re interested in.

Recently we were in Mendoza to make this guide and recommend the best places to visit in your stay in Mendoza during 2014.

Mendoza in Winter

The cold is good for Mendoza, is a city that has life all year round but in winter is the high season, where they come from all over Latin America to ski in Penitentes, the largest ski center in Latin America.

For this 2014 season the prices -in Argentine pesos- for the whole day of skiing vary between seasons:

High season: $350 higher and $300 lower.

Mid Season: $310 higher and $270 lower.

Mid season: $260 higher and $215 lower.

There are special promotions for longer stays.

Mendoza in Summer

Summer in Mendoza is really hot, don’t forget to bring sunscreen and water wherever you go, temperatures exceed 35ºc. almost every day, yet there are ways to escape the heat.


  1. 1 Cacheuta Hot Springs
  2. 2 Zoo + Cerro la gloria

Cacheuta Hot Springs

A day in a complex that besides thermal waters has an aquatic park to combat the heat, with an incomparable landscape between the mountains you will be able to spend a more than pleasant stay, it is a place to spend the whole day.

Zoo + Cerro la gloria

There is a city tour service that tours the city for only $40 (argentine pesos) per person which is called “La batea” of the company “El oro negro”, its base is in the plaza independencia , next to the restaurant that looks like the white house (see map).

This service covers a large part of the city, but the interesting thing is that you can get off at the zoo and come back on the different trips they make every day, so it gives you time to go around the zoo well.

The zoo is the largest in Latin America and its entrance intuits that it is the cheapest as it costs only $25 argentine pesos per person , I recommend you to go with time as you can spend more than 3 hours walking inside without stopping.

Grape Harvest Festival

gonko / Flickr

A great party that lasts 9 days approximately, where they arrive from all over the world and hotel occupancy reaches 100%, to go you must book well in advance.

In 2014 it takes place in the week of March 2-11 and there are already more than a thousand artists and many activities confirmed.

Escape to Viña del Mar

Being so close to Chile, the weekend getaway of the mendocinos is Viña del Mar, the city known worldwide for its festival where artists of the stature of Luis Miguel, among others, have passed by.

They are only 400km away and a trip with spectacular scenery through the Andes, I really recommend it to everyone. It is about 6 hours of travel that will be engraved in your retinas, I recommend this article I wrote about the crossing to Chile.

There are tolls and you must be careful with Chilean pesos (you should buy in Mendoza, keep in mind that tolls have at least CL$14,000)

In Viña del Mar, everything is close by: Reñaca and Valparaíso (the two immediately next to each other, first you pass through Reñaca and if you don’t pay attention and you pass you arrive to Valparaíso).

This getaway is ideal for a day at the beach in Reñaca, a car ride through Valparaiso and an afternoon of shopping (they call it Mall) and dinner in Viña del Mar.

One thing to keep in mind is that the border crossing opens at 9am and closes at 8pm.


If you want to go out and have fun at night you have to go to Arístides Villanueva street (see map), there you can find all the bars and bowling alleys and this is where the mendocinos go when they want to have fun.

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