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12 Mexico Tourist Places to visit

December 12, 2018

Mexico is one of the most interesting countries in the world, both its gastronomy and its culture captivate any tourist.

Let’s get to the point, these are the tourist places in Mexico that you can not miss:


  1. 1 Mexico City (CDMX)
  2. 2 Cancun
  3. 3 Isla Mujeres
  4. 4 Cozumel (Riviera Maya)
  5. 5 Playa del Carmen
  6. 6 Puerto Vallarta
  7. 7 Pyramid of the Sun (Teotihuacan)
  8. 8 Puebla
  9. 9 Monterrey
  10. 10 Acapulco
  11. 11 Tulum
  12. 12 Guadalajara

Mexico City (CDMX)

@boklm / FlickrMexico City

Not long ago it used to be called Distrito Federal, today its name is Mexico City, it is the capital of the country and receives thousands of tourists a day in search of its gastronomy, unique attractions and history.

CDMX has a very marked gastronomic culture with pre-Columbian dishes that will be discussed later in another specific post on Mexican gastronomy.


@dronepicr / FlickrCancun

As a lover of the sea and the sun, the incredible beaches of temperate waters, excellent seaside infrastructure, delicate white sands, exuberant vegetation where palms, shrubs, flora and fauna stand out, Cancun is a paradisiacal city, to visit at least once in a lifetime. Center of the spirit of the Mayan culture, the archeological treasures are another of the great attractions, not to mention the tasty gastronomy, its distillates and the visually impressive crafts, to give and to be given.

The activities in Cancun are characterized by a variety of motivational initiatives. For those who prefer the outdoors, this tourist destination is more than suitable for diving, sport, fly and deep-sea fishing, catamaran rides, golf, windsurfing, jet skis, speedboat tours, snorkeling, jet boarding, etc.

Isla Mujeres

@dronepicr / FlickrWomen’s Island Beach

Isla Mujeres is an island near the coast of Cancun, it is a dream place with paradisiacal beaches.

But not everything is beach, there are also some tourist activities to highlight:

  • The Lighthouse
  • Remains of Mayan temple
  • Turtle Sanctuary

It is a good destination for family vacations as it has resorts, restaurants and activities such as snorkeling.

Cozumel (Riviera Maya)

@grandvelasrivieramaya / FlickrCozumel – Riviera Maya

Cozumel is another Mexican island located about 62 kilometers from Cancun, has much more population than Isla Mujeres, in fact is one of the 3 most populated islands of Mexico with about 100,000 inhabitants.

It is a site very rich in culture, history and archaeology, has ruins and endless activities for tourists among which stand out:

  • Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park : water park where you can practice snorkeling, diving and witness marine shows.
  • Dolphinaris Cozumel : would you like to swim with dolphins? this is the place to do it.
  • Discover Mexico Park Cozumel : theme park of Mexican culture, recommended for all types of tourism.

Playa del Carmen

@prayitnophotography / FlickrPlaya del Carmen

Just as Cozumel is located in the area called “Riviera Maya” and is perhaps one of the most recognized beaches in Mexico, its main activity is tourism and is prepared to provide tourists with everything they need to spend a dream vacation.

Its All Inclusive hotels are recognized worldwide, it is the ideal place to travel with family and children.

In this post I explain what an All Inclusive hotel is, how it works and what amenities are included, but spoiler: all included

Playa del Carmen also has activities for other types of tourism, shopping, nightlife with nightclubs or nightclubs, etc..

Puerto Vallarta

@kurt-b / FlickrPuerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

This city has it all, from a pirate boat for tourist activities to the boardwalk for a walk at sunset.

Its beaches, cultural center, hotels and resorts make Puerto Vallarta an unforgettable place in Mexico.

Pyramid of the Sun (Teotihuacan)

@archer10 / FlickrPyramid of the Moon in Teotihuacan

Mexico is one of the few countries that has what is known as “Archaeological Tourism” because of its high historical value, its pyramids and the Aztecs.

The pyramid of the Sun receives thousands of tourists a month, you can climb to the top but there are also closed parts that are currently under investigation.

There are about 238 steep steps so wear comfortable clothes and water.


 />@robphoto / FlickrPuebrPuebes-visitar-0.jpg” alt=” />@robphoto / FlickrPuebrPuebes-visitar-0.jpg” alt=” />@robphoto / FlickrPuebrPuebes-visitar-0.jpg” alt=” />@robphoto / FlickrPuebrPuebr.</p>
	Puebla is one of those traditional cities that have the typical church, with its bell tower, its central square and its traditional food prepared in each restaurant.</p>
	In fact, one of its strong points is its gastronomy and architecture. It is a few kilometres from CDMX and if you are by car you will be able to tour the city during the day.</p>
<p> <img src=  />@ricardogz10 / FlickrMonterrey</p>
	Monterrey is the industrial and commercial center of Mexico, with a semi-arid climate and activities for travelers throughout the year is a city that receives many tourists each year.</p>
	Highlights you should know:</p>
		Macroplaza, a green space where the best street artists meet</li>
		Museum of Contemporary Art</li>
		Paseo Santa Lucia</li>
<p> <img src= @comefilm / FlickrAcapulco

Acapulco is sun, sand and sea, is noted for its nightlife and its buildings of many floors.

Among its main attractions we can find La Quebrada, a cliff where tourists and locals jump from 40 meters high towards the sea.

You should also visit the Fort of San Diego, built on a hill in the seventeenth century, its panoramic views will allow you to see all of Acapulco in its splendor.


@ccordova / FlickrTulull-that-must visit-1.jpg” alt=” />@ccordova / FlickrTull-that-must visit-1.jpg” alt=” />@ccordova / FlickrTulkrTulk.

Known for its well-preserved ruins, Tulum is a coastal city with great historical and archaeological value, has a national park with ancient ruins.

One of its main attractions is the Tulum National Park and El Castillo, a stone structure perched on top of a cliff.

You can also swim in the famous crystalline water cenotes .


 />@155674394@N06 / FlickrGuadal-0.jpg” alt=” />@155674394@N06 / FlickrGuadalGuadal</p>
	To the west of Mexico is Guadalajara, <strong>cradle of tequila and mariachis</strong> .</p>
	Its historic center is surrounded by squares, churches and theaters with colonial architecture, in addition its gastronomy is recognized throughout the country.</p>
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