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How to get to Miami

December 11, 2018

Miami airport is one of the largest and the options to go to the city are varied, depending on where we go, it is not the same to go to Hollywood than to South Beach.


  1. 1 Shuttles and transport of the hotels
  2. 2 Taxi
  3. 3 Uber
  4. 4 Rent a car
  5. 5 Recommendations

Shuttles and hotel transports

In Miami, and most of the USA in general, hotels offer shuttles that take you for free (or for a very cheap price) to the hotel, generally you don’t need to have a reservation, you go up and go.

This option is the best but is not always available , it depends on each hotel and several factors such as proximity to the airport.

If you go to a hotel located in South Beach you will have to find another way to get there as there is not a single shuttle that takes you by the distance there is.

South Beach is the most popular neighborhood of Miami, where they meet the best beaches, discotheques, eccentricities and the classic postcard of Miami , is the best place to choose a hotel , do not miss my guide with recommendations and advice when choosing a place to sleep in Miami.


Not much explanation is needed, the taxi service is the same in all countries, in this case the fares are flat for the busiest destinations , ie if you go to Downtown, South Beach or Hollywood the fare will not be governed by the taxi clock if not will be a defined amount before starting the journey.

The rates vary according to the zone in each place, here is the list of rates:

  • To go to South Beach : US$35 dollars
  • To go to Hollywood : US$57 dollars
  • To go to Downtown Miami : US$22 dollars
  • To go to Downtown Fort Lauderdale : US$77
  • To go to hotels near the airport : US$17 dollars

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One of my favorites, is cheaper than taking a taxi and more flexible, in my case was the salvation because we were three people with two suitcases each, in a taxi we did not enter and take two taxis was not viable, so we asked for a UberXL and one of these went to pick us up:

One of these Chevrolet Suburban picked us up at Miami airport, they are the most used by Uber drivers.

Uber is very simple, you just have to install the application on your phone and associate a credit card, the next thing is to put where you go and what type of Uber you need, there are several:

  • Uber Pool : if you go alone is the best option because you share car and divide the fare, if you go from Miami airport to South Beach will cost you about $8 dollars, also before ordering one will show you the estimated fare.
  • UberX : is the equivalent of a taxi, the whole car for you, a normal car, with 4 seats.
  • UberXL : is a large van, with room for enough suitcases and up to 6 people.
  • Uber Lux : is a luxury UberX, a black car that will pick you up like in the movies.
  • Luxury Suv : it is a UberXL but luxury.

The prices vary according to the destiny but you can see the price in this moment opening the application and putting the point of departure and destiny, there the estimated tariff will appear to you.

Rent a car

If the idea is to rent a car, then it is best to do it from the airport, to get to the place you have to look for the signs that say “Mia Mover to:” and see the arrow of “Car rental”, you have to take a free tram or air train from the airport .

Renting a car in Miami can cost, the cheapest, 60 dollars per day with insurance included , not counting fuel and tolls, if you are interested in renting a car do not miss the guide we have written to rent a car in Miami, with tips and recommendations.


If you stop at the exit of the airport, whatever the door, you will find many cars, from taxis to private cars that will tempt you to one with low prices, for example, one offered to take me to South Beach for only $15 dollars, a really low price, but of course, I did not go by highway to not pay tolls and took double, not counting that it is the most unsafe option.

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