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Where to Eat in Bariloche

December 10, 2018

Continuing with the Bariloche travel guide I have to talk about places to eat, the truth is that every time I have gone to Bariloche I have eaten in many places but very few have been economic, in general it is a difficult task to find a good and cheap place to eat, also as I have commented in my Bariloche price guide, prices vary between lunch and dinner .


  1. 1 Recommendations for spending little in restaurants
  2. 2 Economic recommendations
  3. 2.1 Rock chicken
  4. 2.2 Neviska ice rink
  5. 3 Slightly less economical recommendations
  6. 3.1 Otto Hill
  7. 3.2 Jauja
  8. 3.3 La Marmite Fondue

Recommendations for spending little in restaurants

First of all I think it’s important to give some advice or tips to spend little on restaurants and meals, and by spend little I don’t mean eat badly, but be smart when planning to go to a restaurant .

  • Change lunch for dinner in your plans : I said it above and I repeat it, if you want to go to a restaurant the best thing is to go to lunch, you will get less than at night and the difference can be remarkable, perhaps with this small change you save a lot, if going to eat at a restaurant is a family plan, they can organize it this way. I’m not saying that you don’t have dinner, but if there is a budget to go to a restaurant a day, do it during the day, even as I commented in my article about where to sleep in Bariloche, the best option without a doubt is to get a hotel with breakfast and dinner included.
  • Go to fast food chains : it’s cheaper than a restaurant and kids and teenagers always like it better, following the previous advice you can go to a restaurant for lunch and a McDonald’s for dinner for example.
  • Avoid the shoppings/restaurants of the ski resorts : the prices are notably more expensive than in the rest of the city, and perhaps I’m short on “notably” because they are rather excessive, the best thing is that if you don’t want to spend a lot and you’re going to spend a day skiing, programs to go to lunch in the city or take a lunch.
  • Get away from the center to eat : in the center, as happens in all tourist destinations, always eat more expensive, and the truth is that there are good places to eat if you move a little away from the center, and I do not say that you go by car to 10 kilometers, perhaps walking 5 blocks beyond the center are good prices.

After these recommendations, based on my personal experience, let’s go to what we’re interested in, the recommended places to eat and divided into categories for each budget.

Economic recommendations

Rock chicken

A cheap place with good value for money , is in the city centre and you can go to lunch or dinner, I recommend it for all types of travellers, families, groups of friends or couples.

Searching for other people’s opinions on the internet, I found some recommendations:

Eat fast, cheap and fresh

Do not miss if you go to Bariloche very good place ……..for couples or friends

Good place to eat in the heart of Bariloche tourist center with normal prices for other cities but good prices for where it is located and for the city where it is located.

From the best in Bariloche the best price the best quality the best attention a place of friends

In a city where it’s expensive to eat, finding a place like rock chicken is great. Beyond being open all night, you find excellent combos and quality food at super affordable prices.

Neviska Ice Rink

Neviska restaurant, behind you can see the ice skating rink.
The best known ice rink in Bariloche, is located under the civic center and besides an ice rink also has a cafeteria where you can eat hamburgers, pizzas and not much more.

I went this year with my girlfriend and the truth is that we were very pleased , both for the quality of the food as the price and the spectacular view it has, also while you eat you see how the tourists skate in the rink and it is always fun to see some fall of the beginners hehe.

To give you an idea, the price we paid for a super burger complete with sweet potatoes (or chips, you can choose) and a can of pepsi was $120 pesos (US$8.3 dollars).

If you do not like animals then I do not recommend you to go, as the owners of this place are dog protectors and there is always one or another dog in the place sleeping or sitting on the couches.

Slightly less economical recommendations

Otto Hill

Otto Hill has a revolving restaurant (unique in the country) with an incredible 360º view and makes a full turn every 20 minutes.

The price to eat at the revolving restaurant is not much more expensive than any other average restaurant in downtown Bariloche, but you are going to spend on going up, and you are going to spend a lot , since the cable car costs $260 pesos (18 dollars) per person .

You can also go up on foot or by car, but you are charged today $190 pesos to enter the resort where the restaurant is revolving.

Besides a restaurant there is a complete tourist complex, with art gallery and outdoor activities, but you can read that in my special post about the Otto hill where I tell you what are the activities, prices, photos and so on.

I went to lunch earlier this year (in January 2016) and this is what I spent:

  • One pint Warsteiner beer: $80 (US$5.5)
  • A hot dog with German sausage: $60 (US$4 dollars)
  • A homemade hamburger with potatoes: $120 (US$8.30)
  • A can of coca cola: $30 (US$2 dollars)

If you went recently, tell us in the comments how much you spent.


Front of Jauja, trout and deer restaurant.if what you want is to eat trout or deer, Jauja is the ideal place , the best value for money and is close to the centre (Elflein 148).

The price range is from $220 to $450 pesos per person depending on what you want to eat and drink, has a VIP section, is large and is ideal for going in family, as it has chairs for children and wifi.

But I’m not the only one who recommends it, on the Internet there are many reviews about this place, some of which are worth mentioning to give you an idea of what people who have visited Jauja this past month think:

I went with my partner to lunch. The place is very nice and quiet. We ordered lamb and deer empanadas as a starter. From the main course trout and deer to the hunter. For dessert we opted for pears in red wine and chocolate volcano. The food was excellent and much better attention, we were attended by a lady who had been working there 25 years and was charming. In the title I put a BUT… that was the price, maybe it is a little high in some things but it is justified a little with the quality of the products and the attention. We spent a total of $700 I recommend it.

– April 2016

Another more recent review:

The food is very good, especially the trout . While the attention was not excellent, there is also nothing to mention. I think their prices should improve that aspect.

– May 2016

La Marmite Fondue

La Merite, fondue, wild boar and trout restaurant.Another restaurant to recommend is in the heart of the city and has three specialties: Fondue, Trout and Wild Boar .

If you are looking for a restaurant to eat fondue, trout or wild boar in Bariloche I recommend you go to La Marmite (B. Mitre 329) has a good menu, very good atmosphere and very good location.

Prices range between $150 and $300 pesos per person , one chocolate fondue for 2 people costs approximately $450 pesos (30 dollars).

Some recommendations from other people:

The place is very well set. We had a fondue with sausages, ham, and vegetables. It was exquisite! The cheese was of good quality as it did not clog.

Attention very well. I’d be back. a

– April 2016

Another review:

The truth is that everything very well, we were attended first informing us of all the fondue .. We chose the most complete and were super satisfied… And very rich! Prices according to a good fondue

– April 2016

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