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What neighborhoods of New York you should visit (best and worst)

December 9, 2018

Usually when someone talks about New York the image of Manhattan appears in our minds, but the reality is that there is much, much more to know.

Don’t miss the New York guide, it’s free, very complete and updated

I’m going to give you the quick answer so you don’t have to read the whole post, then if you want to know a little more about each neighborhood I recommend you read it.

These are the neighborhoods and subdistricts of New York that you should visit if or if:

  1. Upper Manhattan
  2. Midtown Manhttan
  3. Lower Manhattan
  4. Washington Heights
  5. Chinatown
  6. Litte Italy
  7. Harlem
  8. Brooklyn
  9. Bronx

On my second trip to New York I proposed to visit all of them , even the ones that people say are more dangerous (and I showed them in my Instagram).

Many social networks recommended me to do the famous tour of contrasts but I found it more interesting to do it on my own, in subway, to see if they were really as insecure as they said.

But let’s go by parts, I want to show them each neighborhood and what things can be done in each one separately.

If you go for a few days I recommend hiring a tourist bus, is the best option to learn more about New York in a short time, or this tour to tour the city by bicycle.

If you want to know in which neighborhood it is convenient to rent accommodation do not miss this post I did recently where I explain the best areas to sleep .


  1. 1 Manhattan
  2. 1.1 Washington Heights
  3. 1.2 Harlem
  4. 1.3 Upper Manhattan
  5. 1.4 Midtown Manhattan
  6. 1.5 Lower Manhattan
  7. 2 Brooklyn
  8. 2.1 What to do in Brooklyn
  9. 3 Bronx
  10. 4 Queens
  11. 5 Staten Island
  12. 6 Best New York Neighborhoods


Map of Manhattan, NYThe best-known neighborhood, I’m not going to talk much about it because almost everything I recommend in the New York City guide happens in Manhattan.

Manhattan is the main island of New York , where you can find, for example, Times Square, in Empire State and Central Park, among other geographical icons.

It is divided into zones and each zone also has its neighborhoods, from North to South:

Washington Heights

It is the least known of Manhattan, there is not much to do, it is above -geographically speaking- of Harlem, I do not see need to recommend to go there but if you want you can do it in line 1 of subway (red).


One of my favorites, in my last trip I rented an apartment for Airbnb all month here and it was a very good decision, I was fascinated with the neighborhood, the wave, the people, the music in the streets … in short, I would rent there again without hesitation.

They say there are legal problems with Airbnb in New York, in this article I tell you my experience (of my first trip) and how I went through migrations with the address of the apartment I rented in Airbnb


This neighborhood is known for being the cradle of African Americans , where are all the Gospel churches and some very nice parks of the city, besides it is not a tourist neighborhood, only go to see tourists on Sunday mornings in the gospel churches.

If you are interested in a guided tour of the neighborhood and attending a gospel mass, don’t miss this special tour.

This is a photo I took from the train station at 128st, Harlem:

Is it dangerous at night? No, at the beginning and because of prejudices it may seem so but I can assure you that it is not, in my case I arrived at 4 in the morning walking and it was always very safe.

Upper Manhattan

This part of Manhattan is one of the most visited and very few know it’s called that way because here is the Central Park in its entirety, starts and ends in the Upper Manhattan, but if you were ever wondered what neighborhood you were in?

Most popular points of interest at el Upper :

  • Central Park (complete, including Zoo)
  • Columbia University
  • American Museum of Natural History
  • The MET Museum
  • Guggenheim Museum

Midtown Manhattan

Perhaps this is the most famous and recognized area of Manhattan, if you go to NYC sure is the first point of Manhattan where they put a foot since to get to Manhattan from any airport public transport up to Times Square by the number of subway lines and bus stops that exist.

It is a great area to walk around , where you can breathe the true essence of New York . What to see in Midtown Manhattan :

  • Times Square
  • Empire State Building
  • Rockefeller Center (and the Top Of The Rock)
  • MoMA
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral
  • Bryant Park
  • New York Public Library
  • Chrysler Building
  • Madison Square Garden
  • 1.4 Midtown Manhattan
  • 1.5 Lower Manhattan
  • 2 Brooklyn
  • 2.1 What to do in Brooklyn
  • 3 Bronx
  • 4 Queens
  • 5 Staten Island
  • 6 Best New York Neighborhoods
  • Manhattan

    Map of Manhattan, NYThe best-known neighborhood, I’m not going to talk much about it because almost everything I recommend in the New York City guide happens in Manhattan.

    Manhattan is the main island of New York , where you can find, for example, Times Square, in Empire State and Central Park, among other geographical icons.

  • Chinatown : Chinese markets (you won’t understand anything unless you can speak Mandarin Chinese hehe)
  • Financial District : where Wall St is
  • TriBeCa : a fashionable place, in this neighborhood live movie stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert de Niro and Scarlett Johanson

What to see in Lower Manhattan:

  • Wall St and its famous bull (let’s see who says in the comments what to touch the bull for luck )
  • Battery Park (where ferries depart to the statue of freedom)

Don’t miss the gallery note I put together to get to know the must-see places in New York that you should visit if or if.

These are all the neighborhoods of Manhattan , if you go a few days I recommend you first know these and then the other neighborhoods of New York that I will show you below.


Map of Brooklyn, NYCrossing the famous Brooklyn Bridge is the neighborhood that gives it its name, you have to cross the Hudson, you can do it walking on the bridge (I recommend doing it at sunset, it’s incredible) or by subway, bus, uber, and so on.

There’s a lot to do in Brooklyn and that’s where there’s a more youthful, hipster move.

What to do in Brooklyn

I will recommend only two things, the first is go out at night to have a drink to Williamsburg , a street where you can find the busiest bars and pubs, this is a recommendation I made a local and I checked, this very good area, what if you must ensure that the subway works the day you go, if not to return is a mess.

The second thing I’m going to recommend is to go to Coney Island , the beach where the New Yorkers go, has a very famous and recognized wooden promenade because it has appeared in several movies and if they go in spring or summer they’re going to have the amusement park open, This place is really epic and as an amusement park I find it much more fun than Disney for example, and I say it with knowledge of the facts, in 2016 I went to Coney Island and then I flew to Orlando to go to Disney.

Here are some photos I took in Brooklyn:


Bronx Map, NYThis is the most controversial neighborhood in New York, there are many prejudices about the Bronx that come from movies and TV series where they show it as a chaotic place and all tourists have the same doubt Is the Bronx dangerous?

The reality for me was different, maybe it’s true that I didn’t get very inside and maybe in other places it is a complicated place but my recommendation is simply that go during the day and don’t go too far from the places where there are police .

At the first Bronx subway stop is Yankee Stadium (I recommend visiting it!). you can come in to see it with a guided tour that costs USD30, but if you can not see it outside and enter the official gift shop of the Yankees, there is also a Hard Rock) and there is a lot of police at all hours , so you can go one day to meet and have lunch at some McDonalds that is there, incidentally you can see that in that McDonalds there is a statue of a Baseball player, to me it caught my attention, I had never seen a local of these with a statue.

If you want to know more about the Bronx then I recommend this tour of contrasts.

Here are some photos I took in the Bronx:


Queens Map, NYIf you arrived at JFK airport then you were in Queens, and while there are some things to do, the neighborhood is more residential than tourist.

There are several neighborhoods within Queens that you’ve probably heard of:

  • Jamaica (if you went from the airport to Manhattan by train, you probably took it at Jamaica Station)
  • Long Island City
  • Flushing
  • Astoria
  • Jackson Heights
  • Rockaway Beach

Some of the things I recommend doing in Queens are:

  • Visit the Queens Museum of Art
  • To know the house of Luis Armstrong that was converted into a museum
  • Follow Roosevelt Av. to Little India

As additional data it is possible to mention that the open of tennis US Open is realized in Queens .

Staten Island

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