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Different activities on the island of San Andrés

December 8, 2018

Not only snorkeling and diving can be experienced on this imposing Colombian Caribbean island. The beautiful island of San Andres also offers other activities for the enjoyment of all tourists who visit every year.

This paradise of warm waters has outstanding places like “El Hoyo Soplador” that supposes one of the greater attractions of the island, as long as the nature plays to our favor and we can appreciate the blows. Likewise, a visit to the place is not to be missed.

One of the best activities to do on the island is that of the “Aquanautas”, as the most fun is to interact with marine species. If you think of San Andres plans, this experience should not be missed.

In “La Piscinita”, it has beautiful beaches, bar, restaurant and parking; and besides diving with the fishes, it proposes jumps from the cliff for the most risky tourists.

With beaches such as West View, eco-tourism is present on the island for visitors who love nature and outdoor life. In addition, you can enjoy the rondón, a typical Caribbean dish with fish, pork, shell, banana and coconut milk.

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